• NEW Manual for WASP Superstinger & WASP Mini


    CT Pyro Mfg LLC is pleased to announce a new, complete re-write of the Owners Manual for the WASP Superstinger and WASP Mini. Created by long-time WASP user Ned Gorski, this is a comprehensive manual that covers the two machines from A to Z. Included is Ned's formula for easily creating a "dialed-in" shell file for any size shell. There are also a lot of tips and suggestions for getting the most out of your machine. Additionally, ALL of the various software features are discussed.

    Here is the link to the NEW WASP Owners manual:

  • Special Shipping News


    CT Pyro has arranged for VERY inexpensive shipping to all points worldwide. Contact Jim Widmann ( for a quote on shipping a WASP machine to your address!

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