Version 3.9 is now available for download.

Every WASP machine comes with the WASP software. Version 3.9 is the latest release and it allows the user complete flexibility and incredibly easy operation.

Version 3.9 is now on an auto-install disc that makes loading the program and drivers a snap! It takes just a minute and a few clicks to be completely ready to go.

Once installed, the program opens with the Command Window that looks like this:

This window offers you the following options:

  1. Start Full Run (This starts the WASP machine)
  2. Start Burnish Pass (This starts the burnish mode)
  3. Change Shell Size (This takes you to file folder of shell programs)
  4. Edit This Shell (This takes you to the Edit Window for program tuning)
  5. Save This Shell (This saves the parameters of the current shell program)
  6. Exit Program (This exits the WASP program)

If you select Start Full Run, the machine will start and the Operation Window will open. It displays current operational statistics and looks like this:

This wndow indicates the layer # that is currently being applied, the number of inches of gummed tape applied so far, and the elasped time of operation. Pressing the Pause button will pause the machine. The same button will then read Restart and when pressed the program will resume from where it left off. The Abort button stops the machine and closes the current shell's program.

If the Auto Return box has been checked, the Command Window will automatically open at the end of operation, and the machine will be ready for the burnish mode. If the Auto Return box is unchecked, the Operation Window will remain and the Abort Button will read Load New Shell. Upon pressing this, you will return to the Command Window.

From the Command Window you can press Edit this Shell to bring up the Shell Edit Window shown below:

This Window displays all the program variables that create the pattern that the tape follows as it applied to shells of various sizes. It allows complete control of every parameter and characteristic of the pasting job. Some of the controls are as follows:

  1. Shell Diameter (This variable is for shell size, adjustable by .001)
  2. Pole Diameter (This varaible dictates the size of the opening at either end of the tape pattern)
  3. Tape Spacing (This variable dictates the spacing inbetween the individual wraps of tape)
  4. Speed (This variable increases or decreases the speed of the step motors)
  5. Number of Layers (This variable controls the total layers applied to a shell)
  6. Wraps Per Layer (this variable dictates the number of wraps of tape in each layer of tape application)
  7. % Increase Per Layer (this variable specifies the percent increase to parameter values to compensate for increasing shell diameter during pasting)

The are 12 other parameters with values that are automatically adjusted through a proprietary algorithm. This allows the tape pattern to be scaled to any size shell simply by adjusting one variable: shell size. The bottom line is that this software makes the WASP3 very easy to use -and also provides great flexibility for all your shell pasting needs.

IMPORTANT The WASP software comes complete with files for pasting 3",4",5",6",8",10" and 12" shells. These files will work just fine for all the standard Chinese hemispheres commonly used. But should you have a specific need to paste an odd sized shell or want to change any other variable, the WASP software easily accomodates that.

SOFTWARE UPDATE: 9-08 The WASP3 Software is currently on Version 3.9 The following features have been added to the software: Foreign Language support WASP3.9 will work with any foreign language pack that is Windows supported. Additionally, the code has been updated to work in Countries where the decimal point and comma are used differently from the US system.

Shell File Chaining WASP3.9 allows for shell files to be "chained" to each other. This is useful in some production environments. The first x-number of layers can be pasted on a shell at a fast rate, and then the final wrap can be applied more slowly and in a closely-spaced pattern to produce a very nice "finish" wrap.

Remote Control Wiring WASP3.9 has the capacity to be controlled remotely from the computer. This update allows momentary switches to be wired in to control the operating functions of the machine. An extremely valuable feature in any manufacturing situation.

There are many other subtle changes that have been made to help the user. The point is, we make a great effort to keep improving the software, and always make these improvements available to our customers for free,