The WASP HORNET is the latest machine from Connecticut Pyro. It will effortlessly paste shells 2" through 8". It is very easy to use, and is an exceptionally sturdy machine. And, it is inexpensively priced, - but make no mistake, this beefy machine is no toy!

Every WASP machine is fully guaranteed for 3 full years.

Every WASP machine comes with a full software package that includes the WASP3 auto-install software and operating files for shells 3" through 12". Provided on 3.5" mini-disc.

Also included are all the cables required to connect and operate your machine. This package is made up of  (2) motor extension cables, (1) USB cable, (2) power supply extension cables, and AC input power cord(s).

Also included are the DC power supply required to operate the machine.

Each machine comes with a fan-cooled controller with drivers to match the specific machine.

Also shipped with every WASP machine are a few rolls of gummed tape, sample hemispheres, operational instructions, magnets, safety sheet, wiring diagram, detailed manual. Tape dispenser is included!

Price: $1,250.00